The Benefits of Marketing Automation (When Done Right)

The promise of marketing automation is more timely, relevant, targeted, personalized and overall effective marketing communications. However, many aren’t happy with the performance they are seeing from the technology.

During a webinar last week, Vendasta‘s CMO Jeff Tomlin shared some interesting data around the general feeling of dissatisfaction marketers feel towards automation solutions. Most compelling of those figures was the following: 70% of marketers are either unhappy or only marginally happy with their marketing automation software.

Despite this, Jeff said that when done right, marketing automation can drive powerful results. Specifically, he talked about the following benefits when using marketing automation:

  • Pinpoint businesses when they are “Ready to Buy”
  • Contact them as close as possible to that moment
  • Manage pipelines more effectively; Improve sales efficiency
  • Offer pertinent solutions at the right price and service model

Check out the entire webinar presentation below.

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