The 3rd Wave of SMB Tech Adoption Data to Be Presented at Summit

We’ve just concluded Wave III of the Tech Adoption Index survey of small businesses. The survey tracks the shift of local businesses to cloud-based services across multiple operational categories and verticals.

The data will be presented at LSA’s upcoming Tech Adoption Summit in San Francisco on November 6 – 7. Anyone selling services into the small business market should attend. We decided to return to The Laundry in San Francisco by popular request; so space at the event is limited.

The size of the venue enables more informal discussion and interaction with speakers and panelists. It’s a unique event that offers a look into the future of the market. Any company operating in the SMB segment that isn’t on top of these trends faces potential disruption.

One of the more interesting findings of the new survey data, consistent with the previous wave, is that ISPs and cloud-based services providers (e.g., Square, Gusto, etc.) are better positioned to win SMBs’ broader business going forward than many of their peers and competitors. And a majority of SMBs would prefer to work with a single provider of services than multiple vendors or technology companies — the familiar “one stop shop.”

But there are many more findings that will be presented.

The shift to the cloud and emerging SMB preferences mean that the competitive set that traditional marketing services providers are confronting is significantly expanding. You have more competitors than you think and some you probably won’t anticipate.

Among the highlights will be presentations by Xerox and Gusto and a discussion with the Managing Director of Yahoo Small Business, which is making new investments and planning an expansion — and now backed by Verizon with its sales team and physical stores. There will be a provocative discussion of inside sales best practices with industry veteran Bob Yakominich.

We’ve recently added a special pre-conference reception on 11/6 at Yelp’s office in San Francisco featuring a discussion with an in-person panel of local business owners about their adoption of technology and their attitudes toward companies vying for their business.

We’re only three weeks out (11/6 – 7). Make sure to register now to ensure you don’t lose your spot.

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