Telmetrics: Northeasterners Flock to Print Yellow Pages Following October Snowstorm

This past October, an unseasonal snowstorm hit the Northeast from New Jersey to Maine. Following the storm, local consumers flocked to their phone books to find a wide variety of important business services, according to internal data shared with us by Telmetrics, which tracks consumer calls from ads in print directories.

Telmetrics looked at the change in average daily call volume per print directory ad between what it designated as Week 1 (October 22-28), the week before the storm, and Week 2 (October 29-November 4), the week of the storm.

According to the data, the daily average number of calls per print ad increased by more than 18% across the region as a result of the storm, with Connecticut seeing a nearly 47% increase:

Telmetrics also found triple digital growth for the daily average number of calls per ad for a wide variety of important business headings, ranging from security services and systems, to lighting systems and equipment, generators, attorneys, tree service and car towing:

These findings provide clear evidence of the important role that print Yellow Pages continue to play in connecting local businesses with customers during important life events like the aftermath of a storm.

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