Telmetrics Hopes to Bring Better ROI to Social Media with Call Tracking

For years call tracking and analytics firms sought to convince search marketers that using call tracking would give them a more complete view of ROI. Call tracking would provide insights into offline conversions, which weren’t being captured by conventional metrics such as clicks, impressions or views.

While that was true, a persistent debate around “NAP pollution” raged. In simplified form, critics argued that call tracking numbers could get indexed, creating NAP inconsistency and corresponding headaches for marketers. And while that debate is still around, the advent of mobile click-to-call buttons and “dynamic number insertion” have largely made that discussion moot.

One by one most of the call tracking companies have rebranded and refer to what they do now as mobile analytics or attribution. Having largely conquered search, the new frontier is social. To that end, Telmetrics last week introduced “Social Dynamic Number Insertion” for a range of platforms.

On its site, the company explains:

Social Dynamic Number Insertion automatically assigns a unique dynamic call tracking number to each visit from a click to call button on social media – identifying the source of the call. These dynamic call tracking numbers can be tied to any organic or paid social media source including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other.

In email I asked a number of clarifying questions to Telmetrics. The following responses are from CEO Andrew Osmak:

Does this simply bring call tracking to social ads/pages?

Social Dynamic Number Insertion brings marketers deeper analytics that can be used to develop rich detailed customer profiles, e.g., education, income and family status, purchase history and intent. Such details will help a savvy social media marketer reach their target audience — such as 50- to 55-year-old males planning to purchase an SUV in the next six months.

Which social platforms does this work with?

Social Dynamic Number Insertion is available for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and Instagram advertising programs.

Are there any campaign insights that can be shared?

Telmetrics clients using DNI have experienced a 37% lift in ROI.

Are any of Telmetrics’ competitors offering DNI/call tracking on social media?

Many providers offer DNI but non provide this level of detail and focus on social.

Are there other key points to understand?

For most marketers, connecting social media campaigns to conversions has been a murky practice based on likes and shares. Calls change this dynamic. When a social media ad includes a click-to-call button, a simple click on a social dynamic number insertion-powered phone number links the ad directly to the call—and consequently to the conversion.

In this era of messaging apps and chat bots, calls remain important. A 2013 Google-IPSOS consumer survey (n=3,000) found that 61% of respondents said that they valued click to call “in the purchase phase” of the shopping process. Local businesses also want phone interactions, with calls ranked as the top local KPI over “search ranking” and “website traffic,” according to a 2015 BrightLocal SMB survey.

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