Telmetrics’ C.J. Arseneau on What’s Next in Call-Based Performance Measurement

I had the opportunity to attend an interesting presentation this morning by C.J. Arseneau, director of marketing, Telmetrics, on the latest opportunities in call-based performance measurement.

Telmetrics is a call measurement solutions company that works with publishers and agencies to prove the performance of traditional and digital advertising. As consumers are increasingly inundated with a variety of media choices, there is a growing need for advertisers to have a presence across a variety of channels. With that, advertisers are demanding more transparency and proof of return on investment for their marketing campaigns.

As Arseneau explained, calls play an important role in helping to demonstrate the value of advertising to businesses. In fact, according to recent BIA/Kelsey data, small businesses value calls almost as highly as in-person visits. The value on calls is much higher than online click-throughs.

Arseneau overviewed two Telmetics offerings that are illustrating how specific advertising campaigns are driving quality calls to businesses:

  • Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) enables providers to attribute calls to specific advertising campaigns. Through this service, phone numbers on advertiser websites are dynamically replaced with call tracking numbers based on how the user arrived at the webpage. These tracking numbers are tied to specific search engine or keyword campaigns, so advertisers know where calls are coming from and providers can ensure that they receive credit for all the leads they generate.
  • Speech2Text automatically tracks and transcribes calls and provides data for advertiser review in real-time. The service provides detailed analytics on the keywords used on calls that helps inform marketing, sales and operations departments at businesses about the impact of their advertising strategies.

Arseneau also talked about growing importance of mobile users to local advertisers and the evolution of mobile call tracking. Arseneau said 51% of calls placed to local search ads (not just mobile) are placed via mobile carriers. She said that mobile call tracking to validate, prove and monetize existing high quality leads is currently being developed.

Finally, Arseneau said that there is increased use of call tracking in social media. She said more advertisers are using social media overall: with almost 50% of companies in NA using social media to run paid search campaigns, and about 64% planning to increase their budget investment in social media this year.

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