.tel Registration Opens to the Public

Starting today the .tel domain is open to the public for registration.

Launched by Telnic, a London-based domain registry company, the .tel domain lets individuals or companies centralize all contact information under one hub.

The start of this so-called “Landrush” phase of registration marks the end of the two-month “Sunrise” period during which only trademark owners could register their names.

The .tel domain lets you store, publish and update contact information — whether phone, fax, mailing address and map, email, website, social networking ID, keywords, or other — under one unique domain name that is accessible anywhere using any networked device.

How is this different than a standard .com? 3B Web explains:

What makes .tel stand out from the crowd is that it requires no local hosting. It is an entirely online process driven by DNS servers. This means that there are no website building, hosting or management costs. Once you have registered the domain and input your contact information, the process is complete. This makes it possible to provide the user with different information depending on how they connect to the service, instead of simply seeing a website when they enter a .tel address on their phone or computer. This gives the .tel domain the potential to be a highly successful communication and networking tool in addition to a physical website.

According to Telnic, major brands and retailers like Amazon, Intel, Starbucks and Visa have already registered domains.

And so the digital landscape changes again. Our industry will be keeping a close eye on .tel domains and the impact that they’ll have on local search.

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