Tapping Twitter to Talk to Our Customers

Oprah tries Twitter and crowns Ashton Kutcher “king” of it. Everybody is crazy about Twitter. And as marketers, those of us in the local search industry should have our ear to the ground.So where exactly can we, as local search providers, jump in?

Check out my column on Search Engine Land to learn more about how we can apply Twitter to what we do.

For one, we can use these tools to promote our own offerings. Like any other business, we can tap Twitter to engage with our potential customers, our advertisers. Timely tweets can inform our advertisers of product enhancements, special pricing, and other news. Additionally, we can use this channel to give our industry a voice and build alliances with both colleagues and competitors. It’s really just another tool to add to the 21st century business toolbox.

Another easy way to bring this technology into our day-to-day operations is to offer the space for savvy small businesses who have embraced microblogging. We can add new fields within our listings so that our advertisers can list their Twitter pages the same way they include their Web sites. In this way, we’re truly providing the 411 for today’s small business owners.

Yellow Pages Group in Canada is a good example of a company in our industry using Twitter effectively.  Take a look.

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