Take a Minute to Verify Online Search Results

There’s no question that more people are going online to find local businesses. But when I ran across this story about a fraudulent locksmith listing in Raleigh, I was reminded that online local search is still somewhat of a work in progress.

To help on this front, we’re partnering with Google, Yahoo! and other local search providers to feed our data into these sites. Since we work directly with businesses through our local sales teams, we can help ensure that listings are verified and accurate, and boost the quality of data available on the local search portals.

I’d encourage consumers taking advantage of online search tools to use some caution though, just as you would with any kind of information you find online. Take a few minutes to verify what you find. One way to do that is to use the print or Internet Yellow Pages as a cross-reference. Or you can call directory assistance to ensure the business is listed.

2 Responses to “Take a Minute to Verify Online Search Results”

  1. PM says:

    So YP guys are implying that ifa locksmith based in San Francisco CA writes them a check for few thousand dollars to insert an Ad in Los Angeles book (with a local number and address) they will turn the money down.

    Sounds like OPEC quota system, everyone agrees on the protocol but no one complies in the end.

  2. Neg Norton says:

    Thanks — it’s an interesting point that illustrates the challenge. Most publishers have put controls and procedures in place to minimize fraudulent representation in their products. Most of them realize that the trustworthiness of their products (as well as their salespeople) has never been more important and are taking steps to make sure those controls work.

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