Survey: Voice Assistant Adoption Lags, Especially on Android

A new survey from SUMO Heavy pushes back on some of the hype surrounding voice search and virtual assistants. It also suggests that, despite the aggressive promotion of Google Assistant, most of the voice search activity is happening on iPhones and not Android. The survey had just over 1,000 respondents and was conducted online in April.

SUMO Heavy voice search

It’s important to recognize that this is just one of dozens of surveys on voice search usage. However it’s interesting that 46% of these respondents said they “never” use voice search/virtual assistants and 19% said “rarely.” In other words, 65% of the sample are non-users effectively. Only 16% are daily users.

The chart below indicates that virtual assistant usage is largely happening on smartphones. Smart speakers are next in order but pretty far behind in terms of penetration.

Virtual Assistant Use: Preferred Device

SUMO Heavy voice search

The most interesting data in the report is about voice usage by operating system. As the chart below reflects, 72% of Android users are in the never/rarely category compared with 56% of iOS users (Android never is 55%). By contrast, 44% of iOS (read: iPhone) owners are voice/virtual assistant users vs. 28% of Android users on the positive side. That’s a pretty significant gap, especially given Google’s near-constant promotion of Google Assistant.

SUMO Heavy voice search

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