Survey: Most Local Retailers Don’t See Amazon As a Threat

A new survey of 500 small business retailers conducted by Netsertive presents a number of interesting findings. The study sought to determine their strategies and tactics for the upcoming holiday shopping period.

Despite an increasing number of retailers running early promotions in advance of Black Friday, these smaller retailers were still following a conventional promotional schedule, including Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Netsertive survey of SMB retailers

Interestingly, 67% of respondents didn’t believe that Amazon would negatively impact their sales. About 12% said Amazon will actually help their sales, which suggests they’re selling through Amazon. However the study did not ask whether or how many of these retailers were using Amazon as a channel. It also didn’t identify the retail categories these respondents occupied.

Facebook and Google were the top two advertising platforms being used for holiday marketing. The survey uses the term “advertising.” However it’s not certain whether a clear distinction was made between organic and paid on these sites. For example, do these respondents consider SEO “paid”?

Netsertive survey of SMB retailers

Another interesting finding, a majority of the retailers say their websites are mobile optimized. This is not true of the broader SMB marketplace.

One of the survey screening criteria was that the retailer sold items that cost more than $500 (think furniture, appliances, electronics). Accordingly, these are somewhat larger SMBs and more likely to have larger budgets and be somewhat more sophisticated about marketing.

Netsertive survey of SMB retailers

To get a better sense of the significance of these findings it would be helpful to know whether these are franchisees or independent retailers. However no such breakdown was provided.

The Amazon finding — that most did not consider the site a threat — is perhaps the most interesting. Do you think this is simply naive or are there retail categories truly not impacted by Amazon?

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