SuperMedia Expands Successful SuperGuarantee Program

Recently, we’ve talked about the tough times facing many of our small business advertisers and the important role that Yellow Pages will play in ensuring their recovery.

In a clear win for small businesses nationwide, YP provider SuperMedia announced yesterday that it is continuing and expanding its successful SuperGuarantee program, which provides consumers with added confidence when hiring contractors, plumbers, auto body repair shops and thousands of other service-based businesses.

The program, launched last year, ensures that customers of participating SuperGuarantee businesses can rely on SuperMedia to help resolve any service issues they experience—or SuperMedia will reimburse the customer up to $500 of the cost of labor for the service. The continuation of the program speaks to how well it has succeeded in generating new sales leads for SuperMedia’s clients.

SuperMedia is also expanding the program to include an auto-specific offering that provides a free powertrain limited warranty covering many automotive components up to $3,000 for consumers who find and purchase qualified vehicles through or, the company’s vertical auto website. Additionally, the company is expanding the capabilities of its mobile applications so that users can sign up for SuperGuarantee, register for service appointments, and file claims—all from their mobile devices.

SuperMedia is also creating a new ShieldPower program that gives small business clients more ways to advertise themselves as part of SuperGuarantee, including the ability to use the SuperGuarantee logo on the front door of their businesses, on their Web sites, business cards, TV ads, and more.

For more on SuperMedia’s announcement, click here.

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