Study: Top 7 Uses of Voice Assistants for Shopping

Voice assistants have become increasingly popular for consumers seeking to complete a variety of tasks throughout their purchasing journey. Marketers can no longer ignore this technology, with estimates of over one billion voice searches per month in January 2018 by Alpine.AI and comScore predicting that half of all searches will be voice by 2020.

The ease and timeliness of simply asking a question vs. picking up a phone and typing it into a search engine is enticing consumers in more ways than previously thought. A recent consumer report from Narvar listed the top seven uses of voice assistants for shopping: researching products (51%), adding to my shopping list (36%), tracking a package (30%), making a purchase (22%), providing ratings or reviews (20%), contacting support (18%) and reordering items (17%).

Additionally, voice-activated device ownership and voice shopping activity have both risen over 40% over the last six months. As ownership and usage continues to rise among consumers, marketers must utilize voice optimization practices (long-tail keywords, schema, FAQ, etc.) to increase the likelihood of being found in voice search results.

This data comes from a Narvar 2018 Consumer Report, “Connecting with Shoppers in the Age of Choice”. To access the graphic above, click here.

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