Study: Top 5 Most Effective Digital Channels for Marketers

Email has long been seen as the most effective digital marketing tactic by many marketers. While some believe it still is, a new study argues there’s less of a consensus today.

According to a survey of 271 marketing influencers, 18% said social media was the most effective digital marketing channel. Following that was content marketing (17%), marketing technology (16%), SEO (15%) and email (13%). As the numbers show, there was no true majority opinion.

Respondents similarly disagreed when it came to which digital marketing objective was the most important. Lead generation, sales revenue, web traffic and improving brand awareness and the user experience all captured between 14% – 18% each.

The data come from an Ascend2 study, “2018 Digital Marketing Plans” which surveyed 271 marketing influencers. To access the graphic above, click here.

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