Study: Search, Websites, Social Are Top Digital Media for Local Discovery

Consumers are increasingly using digital media to find, engage with and eventually buy from a local business. When looking specifically at digital media, search engines are a clear favorite among consumers for local discovery (no surprise there).

According to new LSA data, 80% of consumers have used a search engine in the past week to find local business info. Company websites (63%), social media (48%) and mobile apps (44%) followed that. This represents national (U.S.) “past week” usage trends, but the study did point to some interesting variations from market-to-market.

Generally, the larger the population of the city, the more consumers use digital media for local discovery. However, Dallas and San Diego with comparable population sizes, have dramatically different ratings and review usage (32% and 56% respectively). This shows that the digital media mix market-to-market should be consistent, though emphasis may be different.

The data come from LSA’s new report, “The Digital Consumer Study” which explores digital media usage for local discovery in over 12 U.S. cities varying in population density. To access the graphic above, click here.

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