Study: Over Half of Consumers Prefer to Shop In-store to ‘Interact with Products’

Although an increasing number of consumers are beginning to purchase items online regularly, the in-store experience still has its benefits in the eyes of customers. Understanding the when, where and why consumers purchase is crucial in building effective brand and SMB experiences.

According to a recent report, the top reason consumers preferred to shop in-store was “to interact with products.” This was the case for all generations from Millennials to Seniors with 52-62% of each age segment (Millennial, Gen X, Boomers, Seniors) saying so. Gen Z was the only outlier, with 72% of saying “avoiding shipping costs” was top reason they prefer to shop in-store, however, interacting with products was second at 49%.

Other top reasons for shopping at a brick and mortar location included avoiding shipping costs and getting gift ideas and inspiration. Conversely, the top three reasons for shopping online over in-store included convenience/comfort of shopping from home, time savings and free shipping.

Consumer expectations of brand experiences, online and in-store, are constantly evolving. The lines are blurring between the online and offline worlds, but the data suggests the in-store retail experience is still extremely important.

This data comes from a Deloitte 2017 Holiday Survey. To access the graphic above, click here.

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