Study: Only 19% of Companies have “Digital Maturity” Plans

Digital media, but more specifically smartphones, have introduced data that help marketers close the loop between digital marketing and sales. These metrics have the power to connect media, households and consumer behavior in the offline world in new ways and according to a recent Adobe survey, digitally “mature” organizations are leveraging this kind of data for analysis and optimization.

The discussion of “digital maturity” found in Adobe’s 2015 Digital Marketing Survey is an interesting one. According to the study, these mature organizations are more likely to engage with a variety of data and tools that help them better understand the impact of digital efforts.


Taking a step back, almost half (45%) of respondents said they do not formalize plans to mature digital marketing efforts and 19% said they do. As the percentages above show, this 19% is more likely to try the new analysis and optimization tactics. The study goes on to explain why digital maturity matters and how it can impact bottom lines at organizations.

Companies that have consciously invested in holistic improvements to their digital marketing program, or digital maturity, are seeing a bigger payoff across a range of tactics—compared with those that have taken more of a one-off approach with digital strategies and tactics.

About 10% of marketers surveyed utilize omni-channel analytics (online-to-offline) and even fewer are developing attribution models – ways of attributing sales with specific touch points on the path to purchase. These are more sophisticated strategies and it isn’t surprising to see such a lack of utilization.


What is surprising is that of the 19% that are pursuing digital maturity as represented by the orange lines above, a “sizable minority” aren’t fully invested in the more fundamental tools like web analytics. The study shows that 22% of those with maturity plans are not practicing web analytics, “flying blind” in that area of their marketing.

Adobe surveyed 957 digital marketers in the U.S. and Canada to learn priorities and tactics to be deployed in 2015. Industries represented in the study included media, publishing and entertainment (15%), marketing agency (14%), business services (11%), high tech (10%), financial services (7%) and retail (6%).

More broadly the study accurately documents the “second era” in digital marketing which is being built on data and knowledge, technology, process and maturity. What is your organization doing to grow up in this digital world?

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