Study: Mobile Searches for ‘Should I’ & ‘For Me’ Have Grown Considerably

In 2016, Google reported that more than 50 percent of search queries came from a mobile device. Now two years later, mobile search is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. With this evolution comes a change in search behavior, with consumers in search of personalized results and experiences.

According to a recent Think with Google report, over the last two years, mobile searches for “should I” and “for me” have grown 80 and 60 percent respectively. This data indicates that consumers are opting for more personal, informative queries as opposed to keywords. Possessive pronouns are being used more often to gear search results towards the user’s specific needs.

The growth of personal searches indicates that consumers are instilling trust in search engines to answer specific questions at any given time. Consumers are utilizing personal searches to fulfill their needs across several categories, including solving problems, completing tasks and exploring the world around them.

Expectations of search results are higher than ever, as consumers no longer seek a simple link, but rather detailed answers. Marketers should continuously research these search trends and how they relate to a client’s target audience in order to capitalize on shifts in behavior.

This data comes from a Think with Google report. To access the graphic above, click here.

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