Study: Marketing Siloes Are Biggest Barrier to O2O Tracking

Tracking online-to-offline (O2O) behavior is one of the most compelling use cases for location data, but execution is a challenge for many marketers. New data show that these challenges aren’t due to a lack of understanding, but are more organizational in nature.

According to a PlaceIQ survey of 200 multi-channel marketers, 36% said “not enough collaboration across marketing teams during campaign execution” was a barrierĀ to linking online marketing with offline activity. This was the most common barrier. In other words, marketing siloes make it difficult to understand the O2O customer journey due to departmental disconnect.

The second biggest barrier (33%) was a “lack of unified processes to measure the success of campaigns across channels.” Overall, these “barriers” are related to personnel, resources, processes, KPIs, integration, etc. Location data is helping marketers tell a more complete customer story, but for location to be effective, marketers need a holistic view of digital media and to reflect this view within their organization.

The data comes from a recent PlaceIQ and 451 Research study, “State of Integrated Marketing 2017: Mapping the Journey to Success.” For access to the graphic above, click here.

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