Study: Local Shopping’s Built-in Advantages

Consumer shopping habits have never been more complex than they are today, with shopping patterns now more fragmented and elusive than ever. And while some marketers believe (or want to believe) traditional shopping is dying, stores remain important for large numbers of consumers.

A recent study from Oracle Bronto revealed the reasons why.

The study, “In-store Shopping Behaviors,” found that 66% of consumers shop in-stores because they like to see, hold and try on products before buying them. Other reasons include not having to wait for products to be delivered (66%), enjoying browsing stores (51%), seeking advice from store associates (33%), in-store discounts (21%) and interacting with other shoppers (20%).

Notwithstanding these preferences, improving the in-store CX (customer experience) remains a top priority for 57% of marketers. Traditional retailers cannot take consumer store visits for granted.

They must focus on enhancing the store experience, whether it’s with mobile and location technologies or more basic things like inventory availability and streamlined check-out. In the current environment, retailers should be improving and refining the experiences that consumers care about most.

This data comes from an Oracle Bronto Study, “In-store Shopping Behaviors,” n=1,000 US consumers. To access the graphic above, click here.

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