Study: Local Advertisers Find More Cost-Per-Call Value with YP Local Ad Network

Small businesses in the U.S. can more cost effectively generate calls through an ad on the YP Local Ad Network compared to Google AdWords, according to a new study of the local online ad buys of 62 small businesses across the country by independent research firm Altman Vilandrie & Company.

The study showed that local businesses spend nearly twice as much in advertising dollars to generate one call through Google AdWords than YP’s network: Google AdWords ads maintain an average cost-per-call of $88 while YP ads have an average cost-per-call of $46. Additionally, of the 56 small businesses receiving calls from both YP and Google ads, 77% realized better value (lower cost-per call) from YP ads.

“While there are a variety of other factors that small businesses need to consider before developing a local advertising strategy, the study shows a clear potential for better value by including YP ads in an overall campaign,” said Altman Vilandrie & Company Director Jonathan Hurd.

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One Response to “Study: Local Advertisers Find More Cost-Per-Call Value with YP Local Ad Network”

  1. Google might have more traffic but the Yellow Pages Industry has more focused traffic. If someone is going to an online yellow pages site they are ready to purchase whereas much of Google traffic is research. This is a significant difference in traffic and one that should be pointed out more to consumers.

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