Study: Facebook Expected to Account for 23% of Digital Ad Spend in 2018


As digital media continues to impact advertising budgets and strategies for businesses big and small, Facebook remains in the top spot as the dominate social advertising channel of choice for marketers. As organic reach on the platform declines, Facebook is expected to further cement itself in the digital advertising conversation in 2018.

A recent report detailed that Facebook is expected to account for 23% of total US digital ad spending in 2018, outshining competitors like Twitter and Snapchat. Facebook is also predicted to take in $1 of every $10 spent on both digital and nondigital advertising combined.

Facebook and Google continue to get most of the attention and spending as it relates to digital advertising. Increasingly, digital platforms are relying on the small business market to drive ad spending. Those that can deliver simple, effective and affordable advertising solutions will have the best chance of winning over these advertisers.

This data comes from an eMarketer Report, “US Social Trends for 2018: eMarketer’s Predictions for the Year”. To access the graphic above, click here

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