Study: 83% Switch Between Online & Offline Channels When Making Purchase Decisions

The practice of utilizing a combination of devices and channels to browse and purchase products has become the new norm for many consumers. Also known as “omnishopping,” this behavior offers convenience to customers who seek both online and offline shopping experiences.

According to a recent study from Criteo which surveyed nearly 10,000 shoppers, 83% switch between online and offline channels when making purchase decisions. The top three resources listed as most influential to the purchasing process were retailer websites/apps, friends/worth of mouth and search engines. This indicates that consumers aren’t necessarily differentiating between online and offline channels, but rather utilizing both avenues to make informed decisions.

Both digital and brick and mortar retail experiences are desired with 69% saying they prefer to complete all of their shopping online and 74% saying they enjoy shopping in store when they have time. So, as consumers continue to shift between online and offline avenues, marketers should remain focused on marketing to the customer as opposed to specific channels or devices.

This data comes from a Criteo study, The Shopper Story 2017. To access the graphic above, click here.

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