Study: 82% of Marketers Believe Email is the Most Effective Content Marketing Channel

Despite its proficiency and success in helping marketers achieve a wide range of goals, some predict that email is on the way out as a marketing channel, and that money and resources can be better utilized in other areas. However, a recent report from Ascend2 exposed the exact opposite.

The report, which surveyed 224 marketing influencers, revealed that 82% view email as the most effective content marketing channel. The remaining top five channels were social media (54%), website/blog (51%), SEO/organic search (25%), display ads (21%) and PPC/paid search (19%). The data also revealed that 90% of marketers believe the trend in email-driven content marketing channels is improving “moderately” or “significantly.”

When compared with the other channels, email has the ability to offer consumers the more enhanced, tailored experiences that they desire along their purchasing journeys. In fact, studies have shown that consumers are more likely to conduct purchases if they’re offered a personalized experience. Through tracking and data analysis, marketers can segment and customize email experiences for consumers, both old and new, based on their unique preferences.

The data comes from an Ascend2 report, “Email-Driven Content Marketing,” n=224 marketing influencers. To access the graphic above, click here.

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  1. Nothing beats the old ways – personal approach or anything with personal touch!

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