Study: 82% of Consumers Haven’t Made a Direct Purchase Through Social Media

By now, all businesses are aware of the influence digital media has made on the path to purchase. Specifically, social media is now a prominent channel for engaging, targeting, educating and influencing consumers. However, many consumers are reluctant to purchase from them directly.

A recent survey of 1,046 US consumers from SUMO Heavy Industries revealed that 82% of consumers have not made a direct purchase via social media. In terms of what exactly is halting these purchases, responses included security issues (71%), privacy concerns (65%), wondering if social commerce is legitimate (64%), lack of customer support (36%) and being unfamiliar with the concept (20%).

Despite a lack of purchases, social media still has a significant impact, as consumers utilize these channels to make more informed purchase decisions. According to the survey, 58% said social media influences a purchasing decision, even when it’s not where the product or service was discovered. Even if purchases don’t take place on social, consumers rely on social channels for learning about products, services and businesses, which can eventually lead to sales.

The data comes from a SUMO Heavy Industries survey, “Social Commerce Revisited 2018” n=1,046 US consumers. To access the graphic above, click here.

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