Study: 82% of Brand Marketers to Increase Usage of Location Data

Marketers have only begun to understand location intelligence and tap into its potential. While many are realizing location’s utility in identifying new customer markets, improving marketing efforts and improving customer service, many other use cases exist, and it appears marketers are starting to look into these uses.

A recent survey of 150 marketers in North America revealed that 82% plan to increase their usage of location data within the next two years. In terms of where these location strategies stand today, 24% said that they were evaluating strategies, 26% were unsure about potential ROI, 22% are constrained by budgets and 19% are already devoting resources to these tactics.

Although many marketers face challenges in collecting, analyzing and reacting to location data insights, effective use of location can help marketers do much more than measure marketing’s impact on offline behaviors. Marketers need to understand the full spectrum of uses for location data and the data suggests this exploration is already underway.

This data comes from a May 2018, Cuebiq and 451 Research study, “Where are We? A Marketer’s Guide to Navigating Location Intelligence,” which surveyed 150 North American marketers. To access the graphic above, click here. 

Factual will look into a variety of location data use cases in their upcoming webinar, “Why Every Business Needs a Location Data Strategy” on Thursday, June 21. Register here.

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