Study: 79% Research Online Before Making a Large Purchase In-Store

Online channels have transformed the way consumers discover and research products, easing the process and subsequently allowing them to make more informed purchasing decisions. Now more than ever, consumers are taking advantage of the ability to compare and review products within the palm of their hands.

A recent survey of 500 consumers from Netsertive, revealed that 79% research online prior to making a large purchase in-store. Additionally, the top channels utilized for conducting online research are Google (68%), the store’s website (48%), Yelp/other review sites (16%), Facebook (13.8%) and YouTube (5.7%).

LSA consumer survey data also puts Google and the company website at the top of the list for online research. More important still, online activity is translating directly to in-store sales. Beyond the obvious influence of digital channels, the nuance here is the usage of these channels for researching “large” purchases. It suggests that as the value or cost of a purchase goes up, so does the importance of online information.

This data comes from Netsertive Local Consumer Survey, “What’s ‘In-Store’ for Retail?To access the graphic above, click here.

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