Study: 72% Turn to Digital Channels When Ready to Buy

The consumer purchase journey is a path of twists and turns. Consumers jump between online and offline channels to find, research and eventually purchase from a local business. And when ready to buy, consumers are increasingly turning to digital media for that final push.

According to a new LSA study, 27% of consumers turn to company websites when they are ready to buy, 24% turn to search engines and 9% utilize rating and review sites. When looking at all 13 media channels featured in the study, 72% of consumers turn to a digital channel when ready to buy, while 28% turn to offline or traditional channels like friends/family, newspapers, circulars, etc.

To clarify, the channel that these consumers turn to when ready to buy isn’t the channel they buy from. Instead, consumers go to these sources to get final confirmation on their choice or to get the information they need to make the purchase (directions/address, phone number, contact form, etc.).

Websites and search engines are clearly critical pieces of the purchase process for many consumers that are ready to buy. However, marketers need to see beyond this high-level trend data and explore how usage varies by business category, geography, demographics and other variables to create the most effective media strategy for local advertisers.

The data come from the LSA’s latest Local Media Tracking Study which surveyed over 8,000 U.S. consumers. To download the “Top-Line Results” from the 2016 survey, click here. To access the graphic above, click here.

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