Study: 62% Will Visit a Store 2 or More Times Before Making a $250 – $750 Purchase

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Usage of digital channels for local business discovery is the norm, and some argue that online shopping will eventually lead to the demise of traditional brick and mortar retail. However, research suggests that there’s still an abundance of consumers who prefer to both research and conduct purchases in-store, especially for higher value items.

According to a recent Blis survey of 2,000 consumers, 62% said they would visit a store two or more times prior to making a $250 – $750 purchase. Breaking it down further, 45% said they would make two to three visits before buying, 10% said four to five visits and 7% said five or more visits. The other 38% said they would purchase on the spot if they already made it in the store.

This research shows that consumers who opt for in-store are increasingly more likely to take their time prior to making higher value purchases, leaving plenty of opportunities for marketers to connect with and guide them throughout their purchasing journey. Consumers are still seeing the value of in-store shopping and, over time, this increased brand exposure can potentially lead to more purchases.

This data comes from a 2018 Blis study, “Location Decisions: A Marketer’s Guide to Re-Navigating the Consumer Path to Purchase,” n=2,000 US consumers. To access the graphic above, click here.

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