Study: 57% of US Internet Users have Given Voice Commands on a Smartphone

The transition from text search to voice search has really started to take hold, in what’s being referred to by many as the ‘voice revolution’. Consumers are becoming increasingly more comfortable with utilizing voice search and research has suggested that by 2022, there will be 870 million voice assistant devices in the US.

A recent report from PwC, “Consumer Intelligence Series: Prepare for the Voice Revolution,” revealed that 57% of US internet users have given voice commands via smartphone. Other popular devices utilized for giving voice commands included tablets (29%), laptops (29%), desktops (29%) and smart speakers (27%).

The availability of voice has expanded beyond just smartphones, and consumers are using it for many different reasons within their everyday lives, ranging from ordering items online, to playing music and asking for directions. As the adoption and usage of voice search continues to increase, marketers should remain diligent in their efforts of optimizing website content for this shift by opting for longer-tail keyword phrases and conversational queries.

This data comes from a PwC April 2018 report, “Consumer Intelligence Series: Prepare for the Voice Revolution”. To access the graphic above, click here.

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