Study: 57% of Marketers Say Elevating CX is a Top Priority

Providing consumers with rich customer experiences (CX) has always been important for brands. However, as time has passed, consumer expectations have risen as a result of CX innovators and leaders pushing beyond the conventional CX. As a result, consumers expect more personalized, compelling and enjoyable experiences at every stage of the purchase journey.

In a recent report, “Elevating the Customer Experience,” 57% of marketers said that elevating the customer experience is a top priority within their organization. The driving forces behind this focus include customer expectations of better/more personalized experiences (71%), a desire to improve customer loyalty (61%), a desire to execute omnichannel strategies (57%) and a desire to improve conversion rates (50%).

Marketers are recognizing the correlation between consumer and business interests and the benefits that can be provided from this connection. Listening to consumer needs and providing personalized experiences can result in greater revenue, engagement, loyalty and conversions. For many organizations, marketing is leading these CX discussions and strategies.

This data comes from a Winterberry Group Report, “Elevating the Customer Experience,” April 2018. To access the graphic above, click here.

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