Study: 56% of Consumers Shop Equally Online and Offline

The popularity of omnichannel shopping is now the norm. Smartphones and other connected devices have led to increasingly more options when it comes to conducting purchase research. And, depending on their needs at the time of purchase, consumers use whichever channel makes the most sense for them, whether it’s online or offline.

A recent study from Periscope by McKinsey, revealed that 56% of consumers shop equally online and offline. When broken down by channel, 10% shopped offline only and 5% shopped online only, while 17% admitted to shopping mostly offline and 11% to mostly online.

Although online shopping offers the convenience of purchasing right from your home with the click of a button, it seems that consumers still prefer shopping in a physical store, or at least having the option to do so. Delivering positive, consistent customer experiences across both online and offline channels is critical in moving customers along the purchase process.

The data comes from Periscope by McKinsey Study, “Amazon Prime Day 2018, Beyond the Hype – The Evolution of Consumer Shopping Behaviors,” which surveyed 1,035 US consumers ages 18-70. To access the image above, click here

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