Study: 54% of Product Searches Began on Amazon in the Second Quarter of 2018

Amazon accounts for roughly half of all e-commerce, equating to about 5% of all retail spend. In 2018 alone, the online retailer is expected to generate $258 billion in US retail sales. While Amazon continues to grow and dominate many key categories, the growth rate appears to be slowing despite overtaking Google in product searches this year.

Recent data from Jumpshot’s Competitive State of eCommerce Marketplaces Data report highlights this shift. According to the report, roughly 54% of product searches began on Amazon in the second quarter of 2018, up from 46% in 2015. Google on the other hand has experienced declines in product searches, as more of this search activity shifts to Amazon. However, despite this increase, Amazon’s growth rate is 1.7 times slower than the growth rate seen in online sales for a variety of individual categories.

Amazon still dominates the market, however, its competitors are gaining steam and growing across all categories presented in the survey at an average of 32%. For instance, in women’s clothing, Amazon’s share has decreased by 30% since last year, while H&M’s has grown by 77%. As competitors continue to improve their e-commerce capabilities, Amazon’s dominance will be increasingly difficult to maintain.

The data comes from Jumpshot’s Competitive State of eCommerce Marketplaces Data report. To access the graphic above, click here.

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