Study: 53% More Store Visits from Viewable Ads vs. Non-Viewable Ads

Viewability has shifted how marketers assess digital ad campaign success and many advertisers are shifting focus away from impression-served to impression-viewed models. Advertisers are seeking more transparency around if an ad is viewed or not. The IAB defines these viewable ad impressions as, “an ad which appears at least 50% on screen for more than one second.”

It seems intuitive that an ad that isn’t seen will have no impact, but a new study from Placed and Moat takes a different look at viewability. The study, which measured the impact of ad viewability on store visits, found that exposure to viewable ads garnered a 53% increase in store visits. Additionally, viewable impressions drove a 20.4% increase in in-store conversions.

The data is clear — when ads are seen, they have a positive effect on store visits and sales and when ads aren’t seen, there is no impact. In the cases where advertisers pay on a per impression basis, much of the spend is wasted on unseen ads resulting in ROI uncertainty or misrepresentations. Location data has emerged as a means to better track, measure and understand digital ad ROI.

This data comes from a study from Placed and Moat. To access the graphic above, click here.

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