Study: 47% of Consumers Think Technology Will Allow Companies to Customize Experiences

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Technology has laid the foundation for increased consumer expectations for things like product selection and availability, price, shipping and more. In fact, a staggering 88% of consumers expect their experiences with companies they use to continue improving in the future.

A recent whitepaper from WE revealed what consumers expect technology to allow companies to do over the next few years. Nearly half (47%) believe that companies will “absolutely” be able to customize their experiences. Other responses included assessing products or brands online (52%), developing new products or services (49%), allow me to touch and see products before purchase (41%) and providing more for less money.

Consumers have grown to expect more relevant, customized experiences when shopping for goods and services. Utilizing new technologies, like AI, chatbots and data analytics, to deliver such experiences across all stages of the purchase process can result in increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and potentially sales.

The data comes from a WE white paper, “Brands in Motion” n=26,897. To access the graphic above, click here.

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