Study: 46% of Online Shoppers Bought Online While Showrooming

Even though many retail stores have closed their doors recently, there’s still an abundance of people who prefer shopping in-store over online. The National Retail Foundation revealed that the majority (79%) of consumers are primarily in-store shoppers because they need something right away, prefer in-store shopping and/or want to see an item prior to purchasing. But even online shoppers are going in-store to conduct purchase research (showrooming).

A recent study from Namogoo, which surveyed over 1,300 online shoppers in the U.S., found that 46% have placed an order online while in-store comparison shopping. The “while” is vague and it isn’t clear exactly when these online purchases actually took place. Some of the purchases may have happened in real-time, but it is more likely that most come after leaving the store.

Roughly half of respondents who bought online during or immediately following in-store comparison shopping said they did so on mobile devices while 37% said they used a desktop/laptop. This is contrary to typical online purchase studies that usually show desktop dominance. It suggests that online shoppers who showroom have a higher tendency to buy via mobile.

This data comes from a Namagoo study, “2018 Online Consumer Behavior,” December 2017, n=1,372 U.S. online shoppers. To access the graphic above, click here.

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