Study: 24% of Enterprises Report ‘Advanced’ Digital Maturity (Up 118%)

While consumers have quickly embraced digital technologies to help them make purchase decisions, businesses big and small have been slower on the uptake. While still a ways to go, enterprise brands appear to be maturing in their digital strategies.

According to a study of 1,165 enterprise digital marketers, 24% reported “advanced” digital maturity. This is a measurement of technical skills, use of automation, adherence to best practices, and data integration. Though only a fourth claimed to be “advanced,” this was a 118% increase vs. 2016.

The strategies these marketers plan to embrace in the next 18 months center around improving the customer experience via content personalization, customer journey management, and customer intelligence. In many cases, location data will help drive these customer experience improvements.

The data comes from a recent Adobe study, “Running on Experience: The Exhilaration of Digital Transformation” which surveyed 1,165 enterprise digital marketers. To access the¬†graphic above, click here.

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