State of Beacons: 8 Million Proximity Sensors Deployed Globally

The number of beacons and proximity sensors continues to grow quarter by quarter, and a number of interesting advertiser, venue and retailer use cases have emerged as well.

Last week, Unacast CEO and Co-founder Thomas Walle and Greg Sterling gave a webinar presentation on “The State of Beacons and Proximity Marketing.” Greg set the stage discussing the proximity opportunity afforded by mobile devices and Thomas discussed the state of beacons including the latest data and specific case studies.

According to Unacast’s directory of proximity companies called Proxbook, in Q2 2016 proximity sensors deployed globally grew 33% to 8,273,500 sensors. The growth has been rapid, and Walle shared a number of interesting insights including:

  • 76% use proximity sensors for analytics, 39% for proximity ad networks, 24% for online retargeting and 11% for data monetization.
  • Beacons are most popular in the Retail, Shopping Mall and Hotel/Tourism industries.
  • The MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL are giving proximity/beacon products a try to varying degrees.

View the entire webinar replay below:

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