Spanish-Speaking Consumers Indicate High Print Yellow Pages Usage

Last week I discussed the important role that age demographics play in determining which platform consumers use to search for local business information, according to the results of YPA’s recently released Local Media Tracking Study. Today I’d like to discuss additional results from our study which show above-average print Yellow Pages usage among Spanish-speaking consumers in the U.S.

Our study found that print Yellow Pages is the top individual source for Spanish-speaking consumers, when asked which media sources they used to search for local business information within the past year or past month. The results also showed that Spanish-speaking consumers said that print and Internet Yellow Pages were the source they last used, most used, and most preferred to search for local businesses.

Additionally, the report found that Spanish-speaking consumers are:

  • More likely than their English-speaking counterparts to indicate traditional media sources (newspapers, magazines, flyer/coupons) as the sources they last used, use most often, and prefer to use when searching for local businesses.
  • Significantly more likely to have no company in mind when searching for local business information.
  • More likely than their English-speaking counterparts (one-half vs. one-third, respectively) to indicate that when they made a purchase through Yellow Pages, they did so with a new company .
  • Twice as likely than their English-speaking consumers to view ads while using print Yellow Pages.

Back in January, I wrote a column for Search Engine Land which noted that marketers should always remember that media trends vary among different demographics. The data from our study shows that the growing Hispanic market in the U.S. lends itself to the print Yellow Pages product and that publishers who are not tapping into this market are missing a significant opportunity to attract new customers.

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