Sonata Targets Socio-Demographic Groups to Improve Ad Relevance

Sonata is a global geo-contextual, geo-behavioral advertising platform focused on delivering hyper-local awareness and results.

We caught up with Lara Mehanna, GM US, VP sales and business development at Sonata, to learn more about the company:

What local problem(s) does Sonata solve?
Using location data, Sonata enables advertisers to connect with consumers on a local level through relevant messaging that results in increased foot traffic. Sonata´s technology leverages outdoor and indoor geo-enabled signals to effectively build a physical presence history. When the signals are matched against environmental, social and contextual factors, Sonata is able to accurately pinpoint, target, and serve ads to socio-demographic clusters and individual users who are most likely to visit, return to and buy from a particular business online or offline.

What makes Sonata innovative?
Our company is taking an innovative approach to tackling attribution through the digitalization of the offline world. We have acquired a beacon company so that we can close the loop on the consumer’s path to purchase and effectively measure the impact of online efforts on offline results.

How does Sonata make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
With our technology, we are able to customize the online and offline experience for the consumer and as a result build loyalty. Our ability to serve relevant messages allows advertisers to cut through the clutter and reach audiences with a higher likelihood to convert which improves the experience for both the advertiser and the consumer.

What is next in local?
As future technological advancements are made, we suspect that it will lead to the proliferation of beacon technology and especially impact local. The ability of consumers to more easily interact with beacons will lower the barrier of adoption for local advertisers and real-time communication and messaging will improve the local experience.

For more information visit Also, check out this case study that describes Sonata’s work with the IAB for their Inspirational Festival in Madrid and click here to view a video showing the company’s CEO, Alvaro del Castillo, speaking at the recent Mobile World Congress.

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