SoMoConf: YP’s Strategy for a Mobile “Home Run”

In light of being in the baseball city of Chicago, Luke Edson, vice president of national markets at YP, gave a glimpse into YP’s mobile strategy through a variety of baseball metaphors.  In order for local media organization’s to score runs with mobile, Luke said that they simply need to “get in the game.”

“Fundamentally, local media organizations need to solve marketing problems,” Luke said. “Mobile can help do that.”

He talked about YP’s latest efforts with mobile and highlighted the progress they have seen.  Luke said that the consumer changed their business when they started moving to mobile devices. This is highlighted by the fact that YP brings in $400M in mobile related revenue and is the #26 ranked mobile web domain. Furthermore, YP search traffic is growing and 50% is already mobile.

He went around the bases, with each one representing a pillar of YP’s mobile strategy:

  • First Base: Bring value to consumers by being a consumer utility.
  • Second Base: Location and data is critical. YP sees 3.4 billion bid requests come through ad exchanges and feed that data into 150 million profiles with 20 million Points of Interest (POIs). Luke said that if you don’t solve the location part, you will get passed by.
  • Third Base: Leveraging insights to offer better mobile ad solutions is a must. YP’s MyBook allows them to collect consumer data on what consumers are searching for and what they are interested in.
  • Home Run: If all of the first three strategies are being executed, the home run is an advertiser ROI and, therefore publisher success.

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