SoMoConf: When Done Right, Location Targeting on Mobile Drives Results

Given the rapid adoption of mobile devices and their growing usage, we heard about some case studies of executions with some compelling results.  From a fashion retailer that ran a mobile campaign through YP resulting in a 2x return on ad spend and 2,000 store visitors, to an auto dealer’s service center that ran a geo-conquesting campaign from xAd resulting in 800 secondary actions (calls, appointments, etc.), mobile can really drive results.

Panelists included Heather Sears, VP of national marketing at YP, Joseph Naylor, senior director of product management at Cox Media Group, and Jon Silverman, senior account executive at xAd.  Overwhelmingly, they all felt mobile, with the right targeting, offers powerful results.

“The intent of mobile is reaching the right people at the right time, and we need to give them reasons to act,” said Joseph.

Jon talked about how marketers are able to transcend time and space on mobile because consumers carry phones everywhere they go, all the time.  Heather reinforced that point by saying that location is a critical influencer, and where consumers are in addition to where they have been is extremely important.

The group also talked about the importance of capturing intent.  Both YP and xAd work with mobile search data in order to find the consumers that have more intent to act or interact with an advertiser.

Much like the previous session with Thrive Analytics and SMG Local Spectrum, the panel noted that secondary actions are an important aspect to mobile.  Another compelling case study from xAd showed a healthcare location was able to earn a 23% secondary action rate from a mobile campaign. Furthermore, the parent company of the client is now interested in using mobile targeting across multiple locations.

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