SoMoConf: The Mobile Opportunity is Bigger than You Think

To kick off the Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! conference, Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), said that the mobile opportunity is much bigger than we think and has serious potential to change the local media landscape.

Greg shared a case study featuring data from a major cell phone’s awareness-building advertising campaign, which showed some interesting results.  The advertiser had a marketing mix of 92% TV, 1% print, 5% online and 1% mobile. According to MMA’s deep dive into the results, when it came to cost per impact, mobile had 2x the impact over TV.

“Mix matters and it matters a lot,” said Greg. “What is happening is that we know consumers are changing media habits but what are marketers going to do about it?”

He answered this question by describing how the cell phone maker should have allocated ad spend.  According to the research, the company should have put 16% of their ad spend in mobile, which would have resulted in a +12% increase in campaign performance.

The research helped to put some numbers behind just how big the mobile opportunity is.  In addition to the often discussed consumer shift to mobile, Greg summed up the mobile value opportunity in three concepts: personalization, pervasiveness and proximity. In other words, mobile is a personal device that many people use – especially in the U.S. – that allows for tremendous location targeting.

He closed by saying that local media organizations have a tremendous role in improving ad effectiveness in digital.  While mobile will continue to be a topic of discussion, the media companies that offer useful, targeted and engaging mobile campaigns will grow.

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