SoMoConf: The Art of Managing a Client’s Social Media Presence

During this session, Beth Lawton, author of “Social Media & the Future of Audience Development,” and Shannon Kinney, founder of Dream Local Digital, gave some tips when it comes to managing social media for a client.  Here are a few of those tips:

  • Pay attention to messages and questions and engage;
  • Customize and consider messaging for your specific audience – what matters to them?;
  • Stay away from automated posting with no human interaction;
  • Timing and clarity is critical;
  • Create balance and don’t just broadcast information;
  • Encourage conversation, sharing, tagging and other engagement;
  • Utilize photos and videos regularly because it can result in a more than 60% lift in engagement;
  • Tag, link and hashtag in order to bring people into your social experience;
  • Get more fans by promoting social pages on website, email, physical signs, stationary and any other venues of communication; and
  • Sometimes bad reviews pop up and responding will lead to a much better outcome than just ignoring them.

“Getting people interested in what you’re talking about is not a one way street,” Shannon said.  “Social is completely conversational.”

In addition, Shannon talked about the sales process and said that while “agents don’t know how a printing press works, they can still sell print.”  Her point was that when it comes to communicating the value of social, it needs to be simple to do.

Beth talked about some new features being launched by major social networks. For example, Facebook now has a “save” feature for posts which allows users to find a post in their newsfeed and save the post for later because they are unable to read the content at that moment.  This is helping make sure the most engaging content is read.

“With a lot of SMBs, their default is to hand their Facebook account over to their intern or youngest employee,” Beth said.  “The reality is, Facebook can be very complicated.”

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