SoMoConf Speaker Spotlight: Andrea Borodenko, Senior Product Manager of Local Solutions, Mediative

Today’s Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! speaker spotlight features Andrea Borodenko, senior product manager of local solutions at Mediative, a digital marketing company providing performance services and access to diverse media platforms. Andrea will bring the SoMoConf audience over a decade of experience connecting large brands with local customers.

Andrea Borodenko, Senior Product Manager of Local Solutions, Mediative

Before joining Mediative’s product and innovation group over a year ago, Andrea gained her deep knowledge of the local space as Yellow Pages Canada’s regional manager of national sales, where she had the pleasure of working closely with CMRs to build integrated print, online and mobile strategies for some of North America’s best known plumbers, movers, contractors, retailers and travel agencies.

We asked Andrea a few questions about her upcoming SoMoConf session, and here is what she had to say:

What are the key topics you’ll discuss during your session?
We’ll cover tips and tricks for optimizing campaigns that leverage listings management/syndication, local SEO and local media buying solutions. Furthermore, we’ll dig into examples of how to use social platforms to drive local success — all while going beyond the “click” to focus on bookings and sales.

What about your session are you most excited about?
The real examples and case studies from several of our travel sector clients (airlines, hotels and car rental companies). It’s one thing to hypothesize about what could work … its way more interesting (and exciting) to talk about success factors that are proven to work.

Why is it important that attendees not miss your session?
These days, it’s so easy to get excited with the numerous digital agencies who are pitching new ideas and new technologies that provide the opportunity to break the standard marketing mold. The issue that I see with this is that these new ideas rarely have proven ability to drive ROI. Furthermore, by focusing only on these new ideas, some of the fundamentals of local promotion (name, address, phone number) get completely forgotten! As such, I recommend that attendees come to my session so that we can walk through an optimal roadmap that combines both the basics of digital marketing with new ideas in such a way that has proven remarkable success for several of the national brands that work with us.

What is the best part about working at Mediative?
What I really love about Mediative is – as an arm of Canada’s Yellow Pages Group – we’re able to leverage the rich history and local marketing knowledge built up over 100 years in order to really fuel our tests with digital marketing platforms and technologies. Our agile nature lets us fail quickly in order to drive down to solutions that work. Seeing the success that we can drive for our advertisers from all of this hard work is incredibly rewarding.

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