SoMoConf: Radio, Newspaper, Directory Executives Weigh in on Social and Mobile

This panel consisted of executives from radio, newspaper and directory businesses and panelists described how each business is getting in the social and mobile game.

Radio: Entercom
Stephen Gibbons runs Smart Reach Digital, a division of Entercom Radio, said that they don’t look at social and mobile as distinct products to sell, but rather part of an overall solution that media companies can bring to SMBs. He also gave the top 10 benefits of selling social and mobile which are as follows:

  • Easy to convey  relevancy;
  • Most businesses don’t think of mobile as a separate opportunity;
  • Social and mobile is much deeper into the sales funnel;
  • For social, the word of mouth parallel resonates;
  • Bundled together, they play very strategic role;
  • For Entercom, it is a logical fit with radio;
  • Price points are reasonable relative to user engagement;
  • Most everyone has a personal anecdote;
  • Businesses can’t or won’t manage on their own; and
  • Easy to prove value and convey results.

Newspaper: Victoria Advocate
Jason Holmes, GM at Advocate Digital Media (ADM), leverages existing newspaper brands to build relationships and position digital sellers as digitally focused marketing experts.  The biggest part of their local strategy is having advertisers sign agency agreements, allowing them to manage a client’s entire marketing budget and not just the digital aspect.

Jason made the distinction that they are a digitally focused marketing company, not a digital agency, and all of the digital related products are managed by ADM.  In addition, he said that they want to be more than just an outsourced products and services organization, but an agency that actually executes a strategy.

Some of the products they sell include social management, mobile ad executions, owned digital products and those in extension channels, and agency services.  When it comes to mobile, it is just “part of what we [ADM] do,” and is nothing new.  He said responsive design is a jumping off point that must be done before other venues are explored.

Directory: Dex Media
Rick Bastian, premium digital services manager at Dex Media, started out by saying that “every dollar a small business gives you is extremely important. ” With that being said, the new marketing mix is extremely complicated and SMBs have a hard time knowing where to start.

He went on to provide four keys to digital sales success:

  • Know your audience. Are you dealing with the expert or the “I don’t care to know anything person.”
  • Be specific. Provide data to support your findings and give the plethora of data marketers have access to, you need to offer great insights that can help you sell.  In addition, use this data to prove your worth with case studies, testimonials and referrals.
  • Have a system and stick to it.  Think using the scientific method so you can try things over and over in order to find out what is working.  In addition, follow up regularly with clients and potential clients and create urgency.
  • Show your authority in the space. Certifications from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other places are great ways to prove authority. Become your own content marketer by building your own brand within your organization.

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