SoMoConf: Pinterest Working to Solve the Discovery Problem

Joel Meek, head of partner online sales and operations at Pinterest, talked about striving to “help people discover things they love with the hope of inspiring them to do things in the real world.”  With 60 million monthly users and 75% of usage taking place on mobile devices, Pinterest uses feeds, categories and search capabilities to drive consumer discovery.

Joel talked about how Pinterest attempts to answer the questions that search is unable to.  While search is able to answer specific questions, it doesn’t answer questions that have no specific answer like, “Where will I travel next?”  According to Joel, this is where Pinterest comes in.

“Discovery permeates everything we do and happens every day,” Joel said. “But largely discovery has gone unsolved.”

With the emphasis on discovery, Pinterest is working to help brands and advertisers do the same for their products and services.  Joel shared the three steps to getting started and driving consumer interaction: create an engaging presence; inspire pinning from your website, app and emails; and promote content with promoted pins.

By organizing content via feeds, categories and search, Pinterest allows strong targeting for consumers at varying stages of the discovery process.  He described each as follows:

  • Feeds: I’m just browsing.
  • Categories: I want to do something specific.
  • Search: I am looking for something specific.

Interestingly, while women make up 70% of Pinterest’s user base, men are beginning to grow at a much higher rate than women. As users continue to grow, the opportunity will grow for advertisers to get discovered by millions of people looking for things to buy, plan and do.

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