SoMoConf: Not All Social Media Metrics are Insightful

Lutz Finger runs a data science team at LinkedIn and talked about how, with the advent of social media, marketers are able to measure many things.  For that reason, not all metrics provide insight. In order to find the metrics that truly matter, Lutz discussed a three-pronged strategy that consists of asking the right questions, measuring the right things and learning from what is found.

He also talked about the disconnect between the consumer and the business when it comes to social content.  For instance, according to a study, the reason a customer likes a business’s Facebook page is for discounts, yet the main goal for the business is to educate about its products.  If the goal is to get real engagement that can lead to actual sales, the social content needs to align with what consumers want.

With views/clicks equating to reach, Lutz said that this metric isn’t all it is cracked up to be.  For one, more than half of traffic comes from bots and doesn’t show how it has actually impacted real world results.  In addition, he explained how engagement might not mean performance because when looking at article shares on LinkedIn, people actually share articles before they read them.

From the consumer’s perspective, some moments are better to reach them than others.  Lutz went into three components of a strong content strategy: reach, frequency, engagement.  While reach isn’t a perfect metric, without it there is no one to read the content.  In addition, frequency creates opportunities for consumers to interact and that creates the foundation for engagement.

In addition, Lutz provided a demo of the new Sales Navigator by LinkedIn, highlighting the tool’s ability to target and reach the right people at the right time for any given marketer’s message.  The tool helps a marketer be focused (reach the right people), be informed about consumer updates and be trusted by these prospects.

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