SoMoConf: New LSA Database Houses Data from 200K Local Campaigns

This session with Jason Peaslee, founder of Thrive Analytics, and Hynek Stehno, VP of digital services at SMG Local Spectrum, started with a plethora of data points showing just how much of an impact mobile devices have on consumer media consumption.  Stats included:

  • Over half of time spent online is on mobile devices;
  • Mobile phone users check their phones 100 times a day;
  • 60% of consumers use mobile devices to find information on local products and services, with 40% being “on-the-go”;
  • 39% of agencies are using location-based data to target mobile consumers; however, Hynek felt that “it should be 100% of agencies using location data” given the importance of relevant ads;
  • 70% of consumers are willing to share location info if they get value in return like deals coupons, loyalty points or other forms of rewards; and
  • Roughly $4B-$6B will be spent this year on location based mobile advertising.

From agency standpoint, Hynek talked about how advertisers often start with very simple geo-targeted mobile display in order to drive relevance as much as possible.  Advanced tactics like geo-fencing and geo-conquesting are used as well, but some of the greatest success is coming from clients with a optimized marketing mix between mobile and traditional venues.

In addition, Jason gave a glimpse into the Local Search Association’s new Metrics that Matter database that has data from roughly 200K local campaigns spanning various forms of media.  When looking at 10K geo-targeted mobile campaigns, the database showed a 2x increase in click-through rate (CTR).

Hynek talked about how CTR is great directionally, but the real value comes from the secondary action like click-to-call, click for directions, etc.  When looking at these actions, Hynek says you get a much better sense of ROI.

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