SoMoConf: How to Create a “Thumb Stopping Visual Voice” on Instagram

With Instagram users uploading around 60 million photos each day, the photo sharing tool creates a great way for advertisers to reach consumers.  PJ MacGregor, brand development lead at Instagram, talked some best practices for creating a “thumb stopping visual voice.”

Here are some of the high level tips PJ gave to the SoMoConf audience:

  • Exclusive content matters and people expect to see something new;
  • The bigger you get, the smaller you need to act;
  • Focus on imagery first;
  • Inspire the audience;
  • Show behind the scenes moments;
  • Identify self in an instant;
  • Be famous for something, but not everything;
  • Reliability is incredibly important on Instagram; and
  • There is a huge opportunity to ride pop-culture waves, making timing incredibly important.

In addition to these tips, PJ talked about how Instagram is much more than just photography.  Housing illustrations, sculptures, food, art, videos and much more, Instagram is a visual platform and is synonymous with visual communication.

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