SoMoConf: Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates Discusses Evolution of Local Ad Space

Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates kicked off the Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! conference with discussion on how advertising has changed over the last 100 years.  Given the number of ad choices today, Gordon talked about how confusing the local ad space is becoming.  Where there once was three ad choices, today there are thousands and advertisers are struggling to know where to spend their ad dollars.

In addition, he discussed what he called our “Age of Distraction” and how difficult it is to capture the attention of consumers given the amount of ads they are exposed to on a daily basis.  Gordon estimates that most consumers come across about 5000 ads per day, they actually view about 285 but really only notice or remember six of them.

“Everyone is distracted but how do you be the distractor, and how do you make money while doing it,” Gordon said.  “That is the challenge faced by the local ad space.”

After setting the scene by explaining how the local ad space has changed over the years, he dove into the challenge of social media.  He talked about content as a major differentiator for social and emphasized the importance of watching how young adults are using social tools.

“Watch the kids closely,” Gordon said. “Listen to what the 20 somethings have to say because they are the future consumers and what they think about ads on social and mobile might change the way you think of these tools.”

Gordon set the tone and finished by giving a glimpse into the rest of SoMoConf, highlighting the sessions planned for the next two days.

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